Sunday, June 19, 2011

Glimpse -- Carol Lynch Williams

Just a year apart, the chapman girls
were as close as
sisters could be,
Hope could always
count on Lizzie, and Lizzie could always count on Hope--
always. But even sisters have secrets.
Big Secrets. And if Lizzie has her
way, she'll take the
biggest secret of all
to her grave.With Lizzie in
lockdown, can Hope
discover the truth and save her sister
Or is it already too late?
I've finished reading Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams a while ago and I've just gotten around to writing a review. This review is going to be vague, because it's been so long since I've actually read the book. Glimpse is written in verse, and kind of bares resemblance to Ellen Hopkins' writing style and content.  ( I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think that it is a must  read for anyone who loves reading drama, suprise and struggle.
From the beginning this enthralling piece of writing grabs you close and won’t let you go. The story of these two sisters is heart wrenching and magical. Williams does a wonderful job of describing the unbreakable bond that sisters share, even when apart and facing struggles and devastating secrets. She writes with a passion that will leave this book in your mind for a long time.
Through out this novel, I wanted to do many things; scream, cry, and hit Hope and Lizzie’s mother on multiple occasions. If you love books with secrets and a little mystery Glimpse is the one for you.
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