Monday, December 30, 2013

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

 I know that this blog wasn't initially intended to be a "story of my life" type of blog, and I think that's the problem with it. Its too impersonal, and I think that's why I sometimes don't really know how to write reviews, and they start to all sound the same or merge together - to me at least. I want to be interested in this blog, it is something that I like to do, and I want to be good at it. Besides, I believe that a person's opinion on a book mainly derives from where said person is in their life - what is meaningful to you now may not be meaningful to you in 5 years, and letting y'all in on my thought process when I read and review a book is something that I have to work on. With that in mind, I've decided to renovate my blog, with the help of a friend (because let's face it, I am really bad with the whole technology thing) and I hope to have this new blog up and running soon. To go along with this new change, I also wanted to redo the vlogs, and with that there will also be changes. I'm hoping for these changes to be completed by maybe the middle of January, so stay tuned for that folks! 

I hope that everyone has had a happy holiday, and a fantastic 2013, and I will most definitely see you all next year. :) Happy reading. 

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  1. When I started out my book blog I also wanted it to just be about books and not really about me. But I agree, a person's opinion about a book comes from where they are in life. I feel like once I broke down that wall of trying to not completely reveal who I was, I felt my reviews became much more personal and I enjoyed blogging so much more. I can't wait to read your new posts- here's to a great 2014!


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