Friday, August 19, 2011


There haven't been many reviews lately, and this is for a fairly good, but stupid, reason. You see, I, Leah, am nit the smartest person in the world. I have done something completely stupid. Sometime last week, I was looking through some old stuff that I had lying around my room. I stumbled across a disc, which I immediately inserted into my computer without asking anyone if said disc would do any harm. As it turns out, neither technology nor Windows Vista like me very much, because now I cannot open anything on my computer. There also haven't been any YouTube videos lately, because I just haven't gotten around to doing any. My sleeping schedule is all out of whack and I just haven't been motivated to read as much. I am starting to get - I know it's a weird phrase, and I'm sorry - back in the groove of things and I hope to have things fixed soon. I am very sorry for both of these wacky situations. But I will get back to everything as soon as I can. -Leah

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