Monday, August 29, 2011

Don’t Make a Black Women Take off Her Earrings – Tyler Perry

Don’t Make a Black Women Take off Her Earrings – Tyler Perry

Don’t Make a Black Women Take off Her Earrings: Madea’s uninhibited commentaries on love and life – Tyler Perry

“If you can count on one thing from “Madea” Mabel Simmons, star of the smash hits “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Madea’s Family Reunion”, it’s that she’s got something to say. Now the beloved, sharp tongued, pistol-packing grandmother has her own book – part memoir, many parts hard-won, hilarious, straight-up in-your-face words of wisdom.

“Every time I’m out in front of people, they ask me for advice. ‘Madea, what should I do about this? Madea, what should I do about that?’ I tell people I’ve got problems of my own, but for some reason, they keep asking and they seem like to listen to the advice that I’ve got to give.”

On sex … “Holding out will get you diamonds and furs and Cadillac’s and marriage proposals. A man likes a challenge. If you’re throwing it at him, sometimes he don’t want to catch it.”

On marriage … “I love marriage. I believe the sanctity of marriage. I believe in keeping a marriage going up until the point that it gets on your damned nerves. Then shut it down.”

On childbirth … “I’ve heard it called a beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary thing … I don’t know what the hell they were talking about.”

On health and fitness … “My personal fitness test is ‘Can I make it to the car to get to a Dunkin’ Donuts to get me a donut today?’””

Did you know Madea has a book? I didn’t! I’m so glad I read Madea’s Wikipedia and found out. This was hilarious! I’m a really big fan of Madea and Tyler Perry and I found myself laughing because I reading it in her voice which made everything funnier! This book has a lot of cussing and sexual references so I recommend the audience to be 15 and older. You won’t be disappointed. J

Rating J


Grading scale

ü Hüdfagghoutin’ – This book has got to be kidding me. Was the author high when (s) he wrote this?!? I can’t think of another word to describe this horrid piece of work other than Hüdfagghoutin’!

Questlimation Mark – This book made me think “What the heck?!?” It’s not the worst thing but it’s defiantly not the best. I have no idea what the book is supposed to be telling me. I wouldn’t recommend it.

J Smiley Face – This was an awesome book. I enjoyed reading it and I would love to read it again. The story was fabulous and I’ll recommend it to people.

Fourteen – This is the highest rating I will give a book. It’s only reserved for my absolute favorite books. If it gets a Fourteen then you know you HAVE to read it. I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off the book until it was done. I probably stayed up all night and day to finish. This is a book that I’ll be reading many times in the future. It touched my heart in a way that can only be described as magic and I fell in love with one or more of the characters. I will insist on people reading this book and hope that someday I will marry it.

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