Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 90-Day Fitness Challenge – Phil and Amy Parham

The 90-Day Fitness Challenge – Phil and Amy Parham

The 90-Day Fitness Challenge : A Proven Program for Better Health and Lasting Weight Loss

“You’ve tried diet plans with little success. Now let Phil and Amy Parham, former contestants on NBC’s The Biggeest Loser, show you how to transform your life and live your dreams of being healthier, happier and more fit.

The 90-Day fitness challenge is a faith-based, informative, and motivational book that will

ü take you step-by-step through a 90-day program for permanent weight loss

ü provide simple and practical healthy food and fitness plans

ü point the way toward developing better eating habits and an active lifestyle

ü incorporate Scripture and faith principles to encourage you to make God a part of your journey

The Parhams know from experience the obstacles to fitness you face. Allow them to come alongside to inspire, motivate, and provide practical life skills on your 90-day journey toward better health and lasting weight loss.”

This book is more like a weight loss journal. Amy and Phil has made templates for you to fill out each day. And every day you get an inspirational quote, tip of the day and the challenge of the day. They give you shopping lists, and exercise routines and great recipes. This book’s on my good side give it a whirl J

Rating J


Grading scale

ü Hüdfagghoutin’ – This book has got to be kidding me. Was the author high when (s) he wrote this?!? I can’t think of another word to describe this horrid piece of work other than Hüdfagghoutin’!

Questlimation Mark – This book made me think “What the heck?!?” It’s not the worst thing but it’s defiantly not the best. I have no idea what the book is supposed to be telling me. I wouldn’t recommend it.

J Smiley Face – This was an awesome book. I enjoyed reading it and I would love to read it again. The story was fabulous and I’ll recommend it to people.

Fourteen – This is the highest rating I will give a book. It’s only reserved for my absolute favorite books. If it gets a Fourteen then you know you HAVE to read it. I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off the book until it was done. I probably stayed up all night and day to finish. This is a book that I’ll be reading many times in the future. It touched my heart in a way that can only be described as magic and I fell in love with one or more of the characters. I will insist on people reading this book and hope that someday I will marry it.

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