Friday, September 16, 2011

First Step 2 Forever -- Justin Bieber

Justin bieber -- First step 2 forever

Justin Bieber. Juuussttttiiiinnn Biiiiieeeebbbbeeeerrr! Why isn’t all the girls screaming? Oh you are? Me too J Justin wrote this book to tell you how he became famous and what he loves about it. It’s a picture book and ITS THICK! Who knew he had the time? It’s cool, the pictures are awesome. I mean c’mon it’s Justin Bieber how can the pictures not be awesome? J

Rating J


Grading scale

ü Hüdfagghoutin’ – This book has got to be kidding me. Was the author high when (s) he wrote this?!? I can’t think of another word to describe this horrid piece of work other than Hüdfagghoutin’!

Questlimation Mark – This book made me think “What the heck?!?” It’s not the worst thing but it’s defiantly not the best. I have no idea what the book is supposed to be telling me. I wouldn’t recommend it.

J Smiley Face – This was an awesome book. I enjoyed reading it and I would love to read it again. The story was fabulous and I’ll recommend it to people.

Fourteen – This is the highest rating I will give a book. It’s only reserved for my absolute favorite books. If it gets a Fourteen then you know you HAVE to read it. I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes off the book until it was done. I probably stayed up all night and day to finish. This is a book that I’ll be reading many times in the future. It touched my heart in a way that can only be described as magic and I fell in love with one or more of the characters. I will insist on people reading this book and hope that someday I will marry it.

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