Saturday, July 23, 2011

Robert's Rules of Writing -- Robert Masello

Robert's Rules of Writing -- Robert Masello

Robert's Rules of Writing
101 unconventional lessons
every writer needs to know

"You already have a million writing books. You know the principles, the lectures, the "expert" techniques. And you've discovered that sometimes tried-and-true just equals tired.

In Robert's Rules of Writing, successful author Robert Masello stomps out status quo writing advice and delivers 101 uninhibited techniques to improve your writing that include:
Burn your jurnal. (See Rule 1.)
Strip down to your briefs. (See Rule 38.)
Spend time gossiping. (See Rule 61.)
Buy the smoking jacket. (See Rule 56.)
Skip the Starbucks. (See Rule 7.)
De-claim! De-claim! (See Rule 63.)

Whether you're a fiction writer, freelance, memorist, or screenwriter, Robert's Rules of Writing gives you the unorthodox advice to transform your writing life and get published!"

Masello uses humor to tell you the official rules of writing that contradict everything you have ever learned. He states the rule, tells you why it is important then gives an example.

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