Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sweep Series -- Book of Shadows -- Cate Tiernan

The Sweep Series -- Book of Shadows -- Cate Tiernan

Book of Shadows is the first installment of the Sweep series. In this first book you meet Morgan Rowlands, it’s the first day of school and she is a junior in high school taking advanced classes. Morgan was meeting up with her best friend, Bree, when saw him. His name was Cal Blaire, a senior, and already Morgan and Bree were drooling over him. Cal is a social butterfly and he was already fitting in with different cliques. He then invites everyone to a party out in a clearing in the woods. When everyone shows up Cal explains that he wanted to get people together to join his Wiccan coven. Some people were shocked, other was scared and they left. A few people including Morgan, Bree and Robbie (Morgan’s other best friend) stayed to try it out. They performed a circle and they enjoyed it and decided to join. But joining Wicca causes problems. Morgan has been an active church going Christian with her family and joining Wicca get everyone upset. Her family thinks its evil. Her sister whom she’s very close to is scared. Also Bree and Morgan start fighting over Cal when Cal chooses Morgan over Bree.
I liked this book. It was one of those books where I finish in two hours because I wanted to get to the end. I remember Leah let me borrow it because if I didn’t read it she was going to shove it down my throat! I also wanted to shove it down her throat because she only gave me one of the books. I was playing monopoly and reading at the same time and my uncle kept making fun of me. But I loved what was happening to Morgan. How she was somehow physic after that first circle. I liked how Tiernan put family struggles into perspective and how the whole family was affected. I recommend this book to kids 13+ it’s a cool read and you’ll like it J

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